Hot Air Balloon Ride In the French Countryside

“Together we touch the sky
Wherever we go we fly
Forever we know adventure’s in the air tonight
Together we touch the sky
Wherever we go we fly
Forever we know adventure’s in the air tonight”

-“Adventure” by Matthew Parker

It had always been on my “bucket list” to fly in a hot air balloon over the French Countryside. Recently we went to France, and it HAD to be done. My husband, daughter, and I all boarded a hot air balloon in the middle of nowhere in Maintenon, France. The ride was every bit as wonderful as I expected and so very peaceful. It wasn’t scary at all and so very silent until the gas forced the hot air into the balloon periodically. I felt like a bird when we took off at sunset. So much to see, from the ancient Roman aqueduct below, to the deer galloping through the forest, to the medieval cathedral at Chartres. There was this indescribable moment when we were airborne. Somehow, one minute we were planted on the ground, and the next minute we were in flight, yet the transition was somehow imperceptible. It somehow reminded me of life in general, and how wonderful it is whenever we get caught up in the moment without knowing what comes next. It was all about the “now”, not the flight, not the landing, not the weather. We flew for about an hour and landed without much warning in a field of rapeseed plants after assuming a “landing” position, crouched with knees bent, anticipating the worst before landing. Life is good………….

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