Watching the clouds float by………..

The Dutch have it right. They actually have a word for doing nothing or being idle. The word is “Niksen.” In America, many have been conditioned to be super productive for all waking moments, or else we feel lazy. We even have a phrase that lauds the merits of multi-tasking, the colloquial phrase, to “kill two words with one stone.” But the Dutch know that there is a certain beauty of “doing nothing”, but with purpose, from time to time in order to reduce one’s stress level. Some gaze out the window while simply “being.” You can let your mind wander. It lets us dial down the noise in our lives while allowing everything to “be” around us without being an active participant in whatever is happening. Lying on your back in the grass watching the clouds roll by? That’s Niksen. Watching the waves crash upon the beach? That’s Niksen. Sitting on the couch and staring out the window on a rainy day? That’s Niksen. Laying on a bed looking at the ceiling? That’s Niksen. Sitting on a park bench watching the world go by? THAT’S Niksen.

While self-isolating because of corona, try a little Niksen; it’s good for the soul. In fact, the Dutch often use the phrase “lekker Niksen,” which means something like “deliciously nothing.” You might feel less stress from the corona situation if you dial it down, switch it off, and do nothing for a little while today if you can. You might even feel more productive, happier, and energized afterwards. You might even have the energy to clean that closet, you know the one that you have been putting off the WHOLE time you have been self-isolating, after all.

Life is good; the virus won’t live forever, and we won’t be living like

this forever. Carpe diem, friends…….

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