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I am pleased to report that Marriott International (which also includes Westin, W, Aloft, and Ritz) is one of the first hotel chains to officially shake things up to keep guests safe during the pandemic by implementing new cleaning procedures and policies. Electrostatic sprayers will be utilized to spray down the hotels with FDA approved solutions that are safe to breathe. Santizing wipes will be available in each hotel room as well. Information is being analyzed that will help the chain evaluate the possibility of having UV light technology for sanitization as well. The chain is also promotoing and encouraging mobile check-in procedures to limit contact between hotel guests and hotel associates. Evidently, the company is looking at lot of ways to keep guests safe, and the furniture in the lobbies will be re-arranged to provide greater social distancing. Keep an eye on Marriott International in the coming months to keep on top of the newest procedures they are implementing. I am so glad to hear they are giving a LOT of thought to their guests, as they are one of my favorite hotel brands. Kudos to them for being a leader during these challenging times for travelers.

This is a link to an article by CondeNast Magazine for more details about the upcoming changes to the Marriott Brand:

Life is good; think about where you will travel when the pandemic is behind us. Carpe diem, friends……..

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