Photo by Tiff Ng on Pexels.com

“Some things can only be understood when you’re in a tree house with a pile of warm chocolate chip cookies and a book.”

-Dr. SunWolf (a former trial attorney who went back to school to get a M.A. and Ph.D and currently serves as a Professor of Communication at the University of California – Santa Barbara).

As long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with treehouses. Maybe it was climbing up the steps to the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse at Walt Disney World when I was little that made an impression on me. In fact, when I was first married, I bought a book about building a treehouse and had intricate “pipe dream” of connecting our second story bedroom to a treehouse in our wooded yard along with a rope bridge. Because we moved to Florida in an area where there are hardly any trees large enough to support a treehouse, I have decided to put sleeping in a treehouse on my “bucket list” instead.

Evidently there is a treehouse for rent in Ocala, FL where there is also a pet kangaroo on site and a boho swing on the porch. Who can resist staying in a treehouse with your daughter AND petting a kangaroo or whiling away the hours on a boho swing on the porch? This treehouse is conveniently located in the vicinity of some of Florida’s springs, too, and it has a tree growing INSIDE the bedroom. How could that get any better? Of COURSE we made reservations to spend the night in January. And why not? Life is so very short. Have to make sure we bring those chocolate chip cookies, though. Chocolate chip cookies AND a good book. Might as well squeeze in some kayaking in the springs as well. Seize the moment; seize the day.

Carpe diem, friends……………..

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