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All this talk about politics, racial tensions, and the pandemic might make your head spin; these surely are unsettling times for so many reason. It’s time to look forward to something, even though we might not all be spending the holidays with loved ones in the way we are accustomed.

In our neighborhood, we are having a night of HOPE, a night of UNITY, on December 12. We have decided to line our streets, driveways, and sidewalks with white paper bag luminaras. We selected December 12 because it CAN be for the Christmas season, and it CAN be for the Hanukkah season. It CAN be for the upcoming winter season, or it can be anything to anyone or nothing at all. It can be in remembrance of someone who has Covid, or someone you lost this year. ALL are invited, however. “United We Stand.” We have decided it is time to build something beautiful with ALL our neighbors for a night of a bright spot in a dark pandemic.

Feel free to propose something like this in your neighborhoods for December 12 if you want. What has started out in our neighborhood of 100 houses has spread to the next neighborhood and so on. People from several adjacent neighborhoods have spread the word to their friends and friends have re-posted this event on the Facebook pages of their friends, too! Feel free to re-post this link on Facebook or other social media by using the links at the bottom of this post if you want to spread the word.

Join us if you are able and want to light up the night on December 12, too. Whether you live close by or far away, we can all participate.

There are several tutorials on youtube and the net about how to make these luminarias. You can purchase them on Amazon if you prefer, too, but Walmart sells white paper “lunch” bags for $1.96 for 50, and Dollar Tree sells electric tea lights (the kind that flickers works best), so cost shouldn’t be a concern for those interested in joining. Make sure you fill the paper bags with a few inches of sand, however, so they will not blow away in any wind.

It has been said “there is strength in numbers”; join us if you wish. Find a way to light up the night and your hearts this year, especially on December 12.

Life is good; carpe diem, friends……….

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